Humanim’s Start on Success Virtual Program – Delaware

Delaware Start on Success (SOS) Virtual Programming:

Humanim’s Start on Success (SOS) program in Delaware provides high school students with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a virtual classroom setting to receive a combination of career and workplace readiness training to develop social and self-advocacy skills for independent living. The overall goal of the SOS program is to equip youth with the necessary skills to succeed in
the 21st century workforce, and to obtain knowledge and experiences necessary to become competitively employed as productive members of the workforce.

Delaware Program Schedule:
• 3-4 cohorts year-round starting this fall
• 4 day flexible scheduling from the hours of 1-7pm, Mon-Fri
• Classes conducted in a small group setting and one-on one
with a skilled facilitator


Contact Us!

PHONE: 410.381.7171

For more information, watch our virtual info session: