The Humanim in Action Awards Ceremony at Our Second Do-Bester’s Fest

The Humanim family gathered at Kurtz’s Beach for a memorable event: the second Do-Bester’s Fest. This staff cookout brought together employees, their families, and friends for a day of incredible weather, celebration, and precious memories.  

During the festivities, we proudly announced the winners of our newest employee award program, the Humanim in Action Awards. These awards honor the legacy of our esteemed former board chairs and recognize employees who embody our core values, demonstrate excellence in service provision, and exhibit unwavering commitment to those we serve. The awards include the David Eberhardt Humanity Award, the Chris Eddings Impact Award, and the Kevin Frank Workforce Development Award. 

David Eberhardt Humanity Award 

The David Eberhardt Humanity Award, named after our longest-serving board member, honors an employee who exemplifies fierce compassion and exceptional service provision. David Eberhardt’s dedication spans over 30 years, during which he chaired the board twice and was instrumental in launching our inclusiveness journey and committee on equity, diversity, and inclusion. His commitment to quality care, inspired by his own experience as a parent of a daughter with disabilities, personifies our core values. 

Danny Frasco (CFO), Rebecca Holt on behalf of Lisa Eldridge, and Cindy Plavier-Truitt, President and CEO

The David Eberhardt Humanity Award was presented to Lisa Eldridge, a Case Coordinator in our Supported Living program within Human Services. Lisa’s supervisor shared high praise, stating, “Lisa consistently goes above and beyond to understand the unique needs and concerns of each individual she serves, taking the time to listen actively and respond with empathy and understanding.” 

Chris Eddings Impact Award 

The Chris Eddings Impact Award celebrates individuals who go above and beyond their duties to create a significant impact. Named after Chris Eddings, a former board chair known for his 18 years of service, this award acknowledges those whose dedication and teamwork make a profound difference. Chris’s leadership was key in projects like the merger of WorkFirst, the American Brewery Project, and the launch of our social enterprise division.

Candace and the Chris Eddings Impact Award

The Chris Eddings Impact Award was given to Candace Baxter. Her supervisor noted, “I’ve been Candace’s direct supervisor for just about a year, but it only took me one day to see the impact she has on Humanim. Her demeanor is consistently kind and passionate, despite having to deal with some of the most taxing and urgent situations our work has to offer.”

Kevin Frank Workforce Development Award 

The Kevin Frank Workforce Development Award recognizes employees who demonstrate excellence in workforce development. Kevin Frank, another former board chair, served for 22 years and led the finance committee throughout his tenure. His leadership was crucial in the acquisition of Harbor City Services and its statewide expansion. Kevin’s passion for workforce development was evident in his efforts to help a Humanim participant launch a career at KPMG despite significant obstacles. 

Maureen Howley on behalf of Jeff Tsuruoka

This year, the Kevin Frank Workforce Development Award was presented to Jeffrey Tsuruoka. His supervisor highlighted Jeffrey’s collaborative spirit and dedication, stating, “Teamwork is essential in vocational services and what a team player he is! Not a day goes by where we do not brainstorm, and share leads and strategies to place our individuals into good jobs in the community. As a result, in addition to developing successful partnerships with employers, he has assisted in five shared placements… Mr. Tsuruoka’s strong work ethics, commitment to his individuals, and dedication to Humanim’s mission makes Jeffrey Tsuruoka an excellent candidate for Kevin Frank Workforce Development Award.” 

The Do-Bester’s Fest was an opportunity for the Humanim family to come together, relax, and recognize the impactful efforts of our employees. 

As we look forward to future gatherings and continued success, we remain committed to our mission of providing exceptional service and support to those we serve. Congratulations to all the award winners and thank you to everyone who made the Do-Bester’s Fest a remarkable event!