What We Do / Workforce Development

Employment Services

Because employment remains a cornerstone to all of Humanim’s programs, we do more than place individuals in rewarding job positions. We prepare them for the workplace and provide on-going supports to ensure that employment outcomes are successful for both employees and employers.

Workforce Readiness Training

Our job readiness program provides participants with the skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment. Participants learn valuable workplace traits and behaviors, as well as effective job search skills, including resume building and interview techniques. These essential skills equip our clients for success the minute they are ready to join the workforce.

Job Placement

In partnership with our statewide network of employers, our job placement professionals place clients in successful careers, with a focus on creating a perfect job match for employees and employers. At Humanim, we are continually developing new employer relationships as well as expanding existing opportunities to ensure that our job development efforts meet the needs of our community.

Job Support

Once employed, our clients receive intensive follow-up services including job coaching, case management, additional training and career advancement opportunities, and participant/employer advocacy. Our retention services emphasize the long term career and financial goals of our clients, to ensure continued job success and satisfaction.

Community Hiring

Community hiring is essential to strengthening the economic backbone of our communities. It’s not just important to us, it’s important to our partners as well. From recruitment and screening, to job readiness training and support – we help corporate and community institutions achieve and execute their community hiring goals and initiatives. Our community hiring partners include Mercy Hospital, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Four Seasons, CVS Health, Live Baltimore, HopkinsLocal, Marriott Residence Inn, and many more. Our job developers maintain strong, ongoing relationships and competitive retention rates with each institution with whom they work.