Annual Report

Quality Assurance at Humanim

Humanim has a commitment to uncompromising quality and prioritizes performance management and outcome measurement to assure quality standards are met, and consumer outcomes are monitored and achieved.


Foundation elements of Humanim’s Quality Assurance processes include:
  • Data oriented and impact oriented culture throughout the organization
  • Performance targets and measurement systems in place
  • Clarity of purpose through designation of “Core Outcomes”
  • Electronic system for data collection and reporting, by program, division, or total agency (ETO “Efforts to Outcomes”/Social Solutions)
  • Ability to isolate or cluster multitudes of metrics, for close examination, enabling monitoring of outcomes, trends, correlations, etc.
  • Processes in place for stakeholder input
  • Transparency of results (results shared with staff)
  • Data driven strategic planning/programmatic decision making
  • Extensive staff training program and 100% training compliance requirement (see attached “Training Compliance Notice”)
  • Internal audit process
  • Annual staff performance appraisal process including staff appraisal of supervisors
  • Empowerment culture in which consumer input is valued; consumers are encouraged to voice preferences, complaints, concerns.