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Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

Since we opened our doors, our mission has been to create new economic opportunities for members of our community who have challenges finding employment.

Why? Because a stronger workforce leads to a stronger society. As part of that mission, we create social impact businesses that put people first. The businesses we start do more than create jobs; they strengthen our communities by solving social and environmental problems through sustainable, market-based solutions.

Social entrepreneurialism is a cornerstone of our corporate values, and a guiding strategic principal. The Humanim Social Enterprise Division not only creates jobs, but creates economic opportunity for ancillary business development for community members.

Our social enterprise division includes: iScanCity Seeds and School of Food.

Our Business Strategy

Each of our social impact businesses operate within an ecosystem of corporate, government and community partners that strengthen the local economy, while creating opportunities for small, minority businesses and community members, through workforce training and job creation.

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Our Social Impact Businesses

Humanim currently runs three Baltimore-based social impact businesses in the culinary and document imaging industries – all of which are committed to our mission of training and hiring individuals with barriers to employment.

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