We're Humanim

Humanim has almost a 50 year history of supporting and economically empowering individuals.

We do this through 40+ programs in the areas of human services, youth servicesworkforce development, and social enterprise throughout Maryland and Delaware. Our organization was founded on the belief that every human being has potential and that work is transformative, with the goal of creating economic equity for individuals with disabilities and socio-economic challenges.


Humanim’s mission is to support and empower individuals who face social or economic challenges — by building pathways to economic equity, opportunity, and independence.

We are self-starters Hard workers risk takers and do-besters.

Equity Statement

Humanim, values inclusivity as core in our ability to serve our customers, staff, and stakeholders in our community.

We choose to respect, celebrate, honor and embrace the unique attributes, characteristics, cultures, classes, faiths, orientations and races that make people who they are. This engenders excellence in who we are and what we do as an organization. This climate for inclusion and excellence is key to building strong diversified leadership and exceptional customer service. We provide a safe environment to address the critical and complex issues that face Humanim, stakeholders in our community and persons served related to institutional issues creating disparities and impacting equity. We are passionate about our cause, our values system and know that our ability to achieve excellence begins with reflecting internally what we expect in our partnerships, strategies and investments.

in·clu·sion (n-klzhn) n.: a strategy to leverage diversity.

Diversity always exists in social systems. Inclusion, on the other hand, must be created. In order to leverage diversity, an environment must be created where people feel supported, listened to and able to do their personal best.


“I value self-starters because those who take initiative are the ones who change the world.“

Henry Posko

President and Chief Executive Officer
“By doing my best I apply the values my parents instilled in me.”

Lori Somerville

Sr. Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
“I look at risk taking as the best perk of my job and essential to Humanim’s DNA.”

Cindy Plavier-Truitt

Sr. Vice President and Chief Business Officer
“I work hard because of those who see me as an example.”

Eric Booth

Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


David Eberhardt


Law Office of David B. Eberhardt LLC

Douglas Hall

1st Vice Chairman

Senior Director of Planning Analysis & Business Intelligence
Johns Hopkins Health System

Melanie Lundquist


Chief Operating Officer
MetaCoastal LLC

Blair Brennan Slaughter, Ph.D.


Vice President, Talent, Learning and Organization Development
T. Rowe Price

Diane Bell McKoy

Immediate Past Chair

President and CEO
Associated Black Charities, Inc.

Board of Directors

Debbie Dorsch

Principal and Owner
Parallel Risk Advisors

Christopher Eddings

Strategic Management, Media and Leadership Advisor
ChrisEddingsIDEAS Consulting

Kevin Frank


Jeff Hargrave

Mahogany, Inc.

Jeanne A. Kennedy

Vice President and Treasurer
CareFirst Inc.

Howard Miller

Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP

Nicole Nesbitt

Partner and Head of U.S. Institutional Relationship Management
Brown Advisory


Darryl A. Stokes

Vice President of Transmission Operations & Planning for Exelon’s Transmission & Compliance Group
BGE – Exelon