Humans of Humanim: Meet Maritta

Meet Maritta, an Imaging Tech II with iScan, Humanim’s social enterprise that provides cloud storage, digitization, and other services. iScan is dedicated to hiring individuals facing obstacles to employment, and Maritta has been a vital part of their team for nine years.

At iScan, Maritta handles a variety of tasks – including preparing documents to be scanned, scanning documents, conducting quality checks, and logging her work into spreadsheets. These tasks are crucial for iScan, which handles a vast amount of client documents daily.

Maritta has a strong commitment to doing high-caliber work. “What I enjoy most is doing the quality check of the documents,” she says. “I take pride in making sure that my quality of work is good.”

She values the camaraderie within her team. “I enjoy working with my co-workers at iScan. We have a friendly team and that makes it easy to come to work every day.”

Outside of work, Maritta is a big fan of going to the mall. She looks forward to spending time with friends – or taking care of her cat. When it’s football season, she roots for the New England Patriots. If you want to make her happy, cook pasta and let her listen to music. “My personality is unique,” she says. “I love just being myself and having fun.”

Maritta is proud that she has been able to do a great job at iScan while dealing with Dystonia, a movement disorder. “One of my biggest challenges was overcoming the challenge of learning with Dystonia. I discovered that even though I have Dystonia I am still able to perform my job well and still achieve my goals with hard work and patience.”

She is excited about what the future holds for her at iScan. “I would love to be a team leader at iScan in the future,” she says. “I believe that with the skills and experience that I have I would make an effective team leader.”