What We Do / Social Enterprise

Our Business Strategy

What Makes Us Different

Since we opened our doors, our mission has been to create new economic opportunities for members of our community who have challenges finding employment.

With a foundation in workforce development, our Social Enterprise Division was designed to intentionally fit the context and employment/training needs of low income Marylanders. Each of Humanim’s social impact businesses advance the community through:

Our success is due to our innovative approach to solving some of the City’s most pressing challenges: neighborhood stabilization, economic development and job creation in low-wealth neighborhoods.

It’s an Ecosystem

Our business strategy has been to operate within industry clusters and to grow deeply within each sector, maximizing both business and social impact opportunities along the supply chain.

Each of our social impact businesses operate within an ecosystem of corporate, government and community partners that strengthen the local economy, while creating opportunities for small, minority businesses and community members, through workforce training and job creation. This ecosystem approach yields high financial and social returns by leveraging market forces to lift up communities.

Why We’re Brokers of Success

Through a strong network of strategic partnerships spanning public-sector entities, allied community-based organizations, as well as institutions and businesses with a presence in Baltimore City, we are in a unique position to translate community needs to developers, while supporting small business and entrepreneurialism in the communities we serve.

Get In Touch

Social enterprises produce higher social returns on investment than following the traditional non-profit model. We value partnerships, and are always looking to grow our social enterprise division. If you have an idea that will benefit society through economic development, connect with us.