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Youth Services

Youth Services

Children and youth ultimately shape the future of our communities.

It’s up to us to support and encourage their healthy development. To ensure that they are equipped to sustain a brighter tomorrow, Humanim provides youth services to support their success at school, in the community, and at work. Some of these services include student enrichment and education programs, vocational training and opportunities, and mentoring and outreach. We work with schools, communities and other local partners to achieve our goal. We also strive to strengthen families through services that include case management, financial coaching, goal planning, and connection to supportive resources.


Working with children from their earliest years through their graduation day, our approach to youth programs and community schools provides a continuum of opportunities and services for students from kindergarten to college and career.

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Job Readiness

We are passionate about helping young people reach their full potential. Our job readiness programs invest in our youth by helping them forge career paths, in spite of any barriers they may face.

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Mental Health

Our youth mental health programs provide the care, supports, and education needed to help youth who are struggling with mental illness transition into adulthood successfully.

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