Allison: Nurturing Compassion on the Path to Healthcare

During Youth Apprenticeship Week, we had the pleasure of spotlighting our remarkable youth apprentices. Among them is Allison, a senior at Reservoir High School, who discovered Humanim’s Direct Support Professional (DSP) Apprenticeship program with the guidance of her school counselor. Determined to build a path towards her desired career as an Ultrasound Technician, Allison took the opportunity to step into the healthcare field and nurture the wellbeing of others through our program.

Since beginning the apprenticeship in October 2023, Allison has learned a lot about the diverse interests and needs of those we serve. Recognizing that “every individual has their own goals and their own way of coping with everything. If you build relationships with them, then you get to know who they really are and how to help them.”

Building relationships also prepared Allison for her career by allowing her to open up to staff and participants in our program. She reflects, “before I came here, I was really shy, but now I feel like I broke out of my shell.” In fact, when asked if she could describe her time at Humanim she said “enjoyable” as her colleagues and individuals in our programs make everyday fun and exciting.

A particularly rewarding memory for Allison was during a Day Program visit where her fluency in Spanish was the key in bridging communication gaps for a participant and her family on their first visit. Allison created such a comfortable environment that the participant enjoyed her time at Humanim and didn’t want to leave. Through experiences like these, Allison envisions her role as a DSP contributing to the community, brightening and enriching individuals’ lives.

As a young entrepreneur Allison seamlessly juggles her apprenticeship, coursework, and social life, all while indulging her passion for baking and selling cakes to local restaurants on the weekends. Allison deeply appreciates the support she receives from Humanim, often emphasizing that “Humanim gives opportunities.”

With her graduation approaching in June, Allison hopes to continue her journey into healthcare and make a meaningful impact on the community as an official DSP at Humanim while she studies at Howard Community College.