Black History Month 2019: Through the Lens of Black History

Through the Lens of Black History: Celebrating & Honoring the African-American Experience through Film

Throughout the month of February, Humanim will be celebrating the African-American experience through film, with a film recommendation for each day of the month. From documentaries to dramas and historical biographies, each film recommendation will highlight various themes in Black History and Culture.

Join us in our Black History Month celebration for 2019, by taking a journey through the Lens of Black History!

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  • Selma (feature film, 2014)
  • Red Tails (feature film, 2012)
  • 13th (documentary, 2016) – avail on Netflix
  • A Raisin In The Sun (feature film, 1961) – avail on Amazon Prime streaming
  • Loving (feature film, 2016)
    • Talk to Me (feature film, 2007)
  • UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski on the 4 Pillars of College Success in Science (Ted Talk, 2013)

  • Belle (feature film, 2013)
  • Fences (feature film, 2016) – avail on Hulu
  • Barry (feature film, 2016) – avail on Netflix
  • Marcus Garvey: Look For Me in the Whirlwind (documentary, 2001)
  • Birth Of A Nation (feature film, 1915 and 2016)
    • Malcom X (feature film, 1992)
    Color Blind or Color Brave? (Ted Talk, 2014)

  • Moonlight (feature film, 2016) – avail on Amazon Prime streaming
  • The Color Purple (feature film, 1985)
  • Freedom Riders (documentary, 2010) – avail on Amazon, iTunes,
  • Step (documentary, 2017) – avail on Hulu streaming
  • Hidden Figures (feature film, 2016)
    • Nothing But a Man (feature film, 1964) – avail on Youtube
    • The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (feature film, 2017) – avail on HBO streaming