Building Community with BGE and our Meaningful Day Program


This past National Volunteer week we had the pleasure of hosting volunteers from Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) at our Gerwig center for a day of teamwork and lasting memories in our Meaningful Day Program for adults with developmental disabilities.

Participants and volunteers alike delved into our cooking class led by our City Seeds Executive Chef. Excited to explore their culinary skills, the class leaned on one another to make the perfect spring dish – Rainbow Tortellini Pasta Salad with sweet peas, asparagus, artichokes, and fresh herbs!



During the program’s movement and music class, everyone took turns dancing underneath the parachute and grooving to their own rhythm. Practicing repetition and healthy movement, the class formed a deeper appreciation for the creativity within themselves while learning to trust their instincts and embrace their own individuality.



At Humanim, our day programs center themselves around community integration, providing individuals the opportunity to make new connections and engage with society. We’re grateful to BGE for their support in making the day meaningful for those we serve and for spreading acceptance and unity within our community.