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People are talking about us; most recently, the Daily Record with the article, Nonprofit lands city contract for vacant homes, by Adam Bednar published May 30, 2014.

This article explains how Details will was awarded a deconstruction contract of 50 homes by Baltimore City in the Vacants-to-Value program.

This a real benefit to the city because it will:

  1. Improve overall safety and property values in the community by removing blighted housing
  2. Remove vacant housing with minimal debris going to landfills. Surgically removing materials to be cleaned and repurposed for new use
  3. And most importantly, this contract is anticipated to create over 25 new jobs for city residents—many of whom have significant barriers to employment. This will provide and opportunity for people to develop and positive work history and get training to maintain careers in the industry.

For the complete article, click here to visit the Daily Record website.