Details Deconstruction Featured in Chronicle of Philanthropy

Humanim social enterprise Details Deconstruction was featured in this month’s Chronicle of Philanthropy article “Nonprofit Rebuilds Lives by Tearing Down Old Houses.”

From the article:

Unlike traditional demolition services, [Details Deconstruction] recycles or resuses everything possible. And because it is a nonprofit, property owners who use the service and donate salvaged building materials can get a tax break. The venture was started by Humanim, an entrepreneurial social-service charity in the city.

Humanim intensified its social-enterprise efforts eight years ago, when it renovated and moved into a historic building in East Baltimore, a neighborhood where unemployment topped 30 percent.

“When we got there, we were providing job training and job placement, but we realized that it really wasn’t enough,” says Cindy Plavier-Truitt, the nonprofit’s chief business officer. “We also needed to be a job creator.”

The deconstruction business seemed like a good fit because it requires many workers. Details’ 45 employees gain work experience and earn competitive wages and benefits.

Read the full article, here.