Details working with Kane Construction

Details, a division of Humanim, is a deconstruction enterprise with a social mission. By working with individuals with significant barriers to employment, DETAILS is creating an on ramp to the employment highway for those who would often remain indefinitely jobless. When the chronically unemployed are brought into the workforce through training, and effective management good things begin to happen. Not only do the employed individuals benefit, but so do the people they touch and communities in which they live.


KANE Construction, Inc, a regional general contractor based in Gaithersburg, MD was recently awarded the Howard County Health Department Renovation Project. In continued demonstration of the firm’s history of aligning its corporate interests with works of charitable and social good-will, KANE has accepted DETAILS’ bid to provide the interior demolition and salvage for this major interior construction and renovation project. The renovation of approximately 54,000 square feet of the ASCEND I building, located in Columbia, MD (Howard County) is a significant project and major step in the growth of DETAILS involvement in commercial work. DETAILS does not compromise performance or quality to fulfill its mission, but it’s the willingness of companies like KANE Construction, Inc., to provide opportunity to prove it that makes the difference. This firm’s willingness work with DETAILS is making an investment in the potential for strong social returns while remaining committed to quality, schedule, and budget for the project.

The DETAILS leadership team is led by three key individuals. Chris Posko, Operations Manager and former partner of Quadrant Construction, brings more than two decades of construction experience to the DETAILS team. Barry Cobb, Project Supervisor, worked as a commercial contracting superintendent for more than 20 years and has led deconstruction teams along with Chris over the past 4 years. Jeff Carroll MBA, LEED AP, has many years of successfully providing business development and preconstruction project management in commercial contracting. He has become a leader in expanding the role of deconstruction beyond residential projects.

It’s clear, there is room in the construction industry to do good and do well. KANE Construction, Inc. is proving this point by working with DETAILS and creating opportunity for many who would otherwise remain jobless.

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