March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month! Humanim’s programs provide support and services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our person-centered approach emphasizes individualized care, community integration and customized employment, with the goal of empowering individuals to achieve both personal and economic independence.

Artwork Credit: Eileen Schofield at the Art Enables studio in Washington DC. 

In recognition of #DDAwareness2021, meet a few of the individuals empowered by Humanim:

Danielle was introduced to Humanim while in high school, and has been involved in the Developmental Disability services since. While at first she found it challenging to speak up for herself, she has grown through interactions with peers and the support of staff. She is now able to more confidently speak for herself, voice opinions, and answer questions. Something Danielle enjoys about the program is taking trips into the community – specifically to the mall and catching the bus.


Manjah is involved in Humanim’s Developmental Disabilities day program. When he first began the program, he was more reserved. Over the course of the last year – specifically through participating in Humanim’s virtual learning program – Manjah has become more comfortable and open in social group activities, and enjoys seeing his friends. A quote that Manjah lives by is, “If you don’t succeed, try again.”


Katie is involved in Humanim’s Developmental Disabilities day program. Katie is quick to encourage other individuals, helpful to her peers, and enjoys making others smile. She is very involved in the classroom – quick to answer questions and spark conversations, and always focused on the instructors. In the program, Katie enjoys writing, coloring, and singing for Talent Wednesday, where individuals share their talents virtually. Katie shares, “I learned math and addition and all sorts of things [at Humanim].”


Jordan joined Humanim’s programming after a family member learned about the organization. In person, Jordan found it difficult to be social with his peers, but through the virtual learning program and activities, he has become more comfortable and opened up much more. Now, he greets each individual at the virtual meetings and asks how they are doing. He is regarded as “friendly with everyone,” and enjoys cooking, traveling, and boxing. When asked about his experience with Humanim’s Day Program, Jordan said, “I like to be at Humanim and with all my friends at Humanim.”


Derrick recently joined Humanim’s Developmental Disabilities day program and has been involved in the virtual learning program. While Derrick has only experienced the program online and not in person, he’s still been able to develop interpersonal skills and engage in social interactions with his peers. His favorite part about virtual learning classes is participating in games and watching videos. Derrick is seen as someone who others admire, with his bright smile and positive attitude.

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