Fun at the Howard County Fair with Humanim’s Day Program





On Tuesday, our Day Program Participants attended the 77th Annual Howard County Fair, a beloved event known for its livestock, local vendors, thrilling rides, and more!

Participants had the opportunity to interact with farm animals like sheep, goats, pigs, and birds. Participant, Monty, shared his excitement saying, “The animals were my favorite part of the fair by far! I loved how we were able to pet some of them and learn about what they eat.”

Apart from the animal exhibits, the main attraction at any fair is the food! Our group indulged in mouth-watering fair classics like cheese fries, funnel cakes, and corn dogs. “The food was amazing! I didn’t know what to eat first,” said Beth, another Day Program participant.

A key part of our Day Program is community integration, so we want to thank the Howard County Government for generously providing us with tickets

At Humanim, we believe in the power of community and the importance of providing opportunities for individuals to engage fully in society. Our Day Program’s outing to the Howard County Fair perfectly embodied this mission.

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