Happy National Small Business Week!

Happy National Small Business Week! For nearly 50 years, Humanim’s mission has been to create new economic opportunities for members of our community who face barriers to employment. As part of that mission, we create social impact businesses that put people first – like Brick + BoardCity Seeds, Details Deconstruction, and iScan.

We believe that small businesses drive, sustain, and strengthen our local communities. Through our partnerships, vendor relationships, business and career training programs, and our social enterprise division, we strive to support small businesses and their vital role in our community.

Learn more about our social enterprise division at: https://humanim.org/what-we-do/social-enterprise

More about Small Business Week: Each year, the U.S. Small Business Administration shines a spotlight on our nation’s 30 million small businesses through awareness & community events across the country and online. U.S. Small Business Administration