Humanim Announces Transition in Brick + Board Operations

From Henry Posko, Humanim’s President & CEO,

What started in 2016 as a sister operation to our social enterprise Details Deconstruction, came into its own as Brick + Board, a well-respected enterprise in Baltimore’s burgeoning makers space, as well as the city’s most followed wood expert. Over the past several years, all of us at Humanim have watched Max Pollock and his team expand and strengthen Brick + Board through hard work and a commitment to creating green collar jobs and preserving Baltimore’s history. They have turned Brick + Board into a thriving operation that sells reclaimed building materials while providing job opportunities to people facing employment barriers.

Today, we are announcing a transition in Brick + Board’s operations. As of Friday, June 12, Humanim will sell Brick + Board to Max, who will continue to operate it with his current team as a Baltimore-based small business committed to the social impact goals of  hiring people who are overcoming barriers.

Humanim made the decision to transition Brick + Board to private ownership after careful consideration. We believe the transaction is right for Humanim at this time, and we are pleased that Max will sustain the business focusing on creating economic and career opportunities for Baltimore residents. We are proud of our role incubating Brick + Board to this point, and we are extremely pleased it will continue to fulfill its vital mission of service to the community.

Over the years, Brick + Board has developed a national reputation for working with builders, woodworkers, contractors and craftsmen, providing high-quality materials, from 100-year-old floorboards deconstructed from a Baltimore home to bricks salvaged from an old industrial building. Our reclaimed materials have been used in a variety of new spaces, from Exelon’s office building in Harbor East to rowhouses in Washington, D.C. Brick + Board has also partnered with Legg Mason, Under Armour and Union Craft Brewing.

We thank Max for his great leadership at Brick + Board and for his willingness to take over the organization and maintain his passion for harnessing the salvage industry to create meaningful social impact. Max summed up the news this way:

“Brick + Board is entering a new phase, but we will stay true to our commitment to creating opportunities for Baltimoreans with barriers to employment. Humanim has done a great job developing and sustaining Brick + Board, and I am excited to continue working with our great team as we launch this new phase of service to the Baltimore community.”