Humanim Social Enterprises Work Together to Create Jobs and Improve City

Humanim Social Enterprises Work Together to Create Jobs and Improve City

Details and City Seeds both are Humanim social enterprises, but what else do they have in common? They’re also partners!

When workers began making way for the new kitchen incubator in Broadway East, they noticed a barrier: a decades-old warehouse stood in the way. So City Seeds worked with Details to take the industrial building on Llewellyn Street down.

“We salvaged a lot of material, really nice lumber and some bricks,” Details vice president Jeff Carroll says. “And we were able to put eight to 10 people to work on that project. But more than that, this is the first time that we know of that two social enterprises worked together in this way, and that’s really cool.”

Social enterprises are about creative ways to achieve social impact, Henry Posko, president and CEO of Humanim, says. “Details and City Seeds are innovative examples of how they can be used as a means of job creation. And how appropriate that the men and women of Details are constructing a path to launch Humanim’s next social enterprise.”

Gregory Heller, CEO of American Communities Trust, convening developer of the Baltimore Food Hub (where City Seeds will be located), said the partnership between City Seeds and Details has been “amazing and rewarding.”

“As we build the new state-of-the-art facility to house City Seeds, it is important that we ensure as many of the construction jobs as possible benefit local residents,” Heller says. “Details has trained local, East Baltimore workers and put them on the job. Thanks to Humanim’s social enterprises we have created jobs for local residents to build a facility to create many more jobs for local residents.”