Day Services Coordinator Receives ASA Volunteer of the Year Award

Big congrats to our Day Services Coordinator, Jeff Tsuruoka, who received the Howard County Volunteer of the Year award from Athletes Serving Athletes!

Here’s what they had to share about Jeff’s service:
“ASA has had a partnership with Humanim in Columbia at their Gerwig location for the last several years, training on site a few times a month and currently has 5 Athletes registered in our system who train and race with us. If you have ever joined us on a Friday, you’ll know, that not only do we run with those Athletes, but that we often are welcomed back by so many of our Athletes’ peers. Thanks to Jeff as he is our main on site coordinator at Humanim, there is an excitement and motivation for all in the building to get moving, active and healthy. But what is most amazing is that Jeff has gone ABOVE and BEYOND his “work hours” at Humanim to ensure that our Athletes make it to races on the weekends, often picking them up and driving them himself. What a gift Jeff is to the lives of these Athletes and to us. Thank you, Jeff for your commitment to these Athletes, for being their biggest cheerleader and for your friendship.”