Old Bricks Get a New Image

Bricks will be uniquely painted by members of community

img_2277The developer, Section 1, has begun work on a new art-park in Station North. This new park is expected to be the largest in the area and will feature a safe and clean environment for fostering new avenues of strategic change and maximizing urban design.

One feature of the park will be bricks that have been uniquely painted by individuals from throughout the community.

This site will be developed inclusively through community initiatives intended to leverage from the creative potential already present. Section 1 states, that in doing so, we will better understand the needs of our users and encourage ownership of the park for urban art making, recreation, and development of initiatives to address environmental concerns.

Details, a social enterprise of Humanim, contributed 1,800 bricks to assist Section 1 launch this project. The source of these bricks makes the donation far more valuable than just their monetary worth. These bricks were harvested from a Maryland home scheduled for demolition. The deconstruction of these homes created new jobs for Baltimore residents while improving the safety and beauty of the community. This creative reuse of the materials also means less waste be placed in landfills.

Together, Section 1 and Details are paving a better future for Baltimore City residents.