Our Social Enterprises Details & Brick+Board in the News

The Humanim Social Enterprise Division continues to make headlines!

The Washington Post’s “Life, Death and Demolition” shares an incredible history of East Baltimore homes, blight, and progress – featuring the work of Details and Brick+Board. From the article:

“The city and state contract with multiple firms to demolish houses. But only one does more than knock them down and dump the remains. Details, a branch of the Baltimore nonprofit Humanim, deconstructs them and salvages the material for resale. To do the work, they hire ex-offenders, former addicts and other hard-to-employ residents. Many are from the neighborhood.”

Read the full article, here.

Both social enterprises were also recently featured in Fast Company’s FastCo.Exist. The article “Upcyling Baltimore’s Vacant Buildings Tackles Empty Houses and Unemployment” outlines the work invovled in the deconstruction and salvage industries, and how this translates to jobs and helping solve Baltimore’s vacancy issues. From the article:

“Two local nonprofits are putting people with barriers to employment to work demolishing blighted properties—and transforming salvaged bricks and beams into valuable building materials.”

Read the full article here.