Reclaiming Baltimore’s Wood through the Baltimore Wood Project

We are excited to highlight the Baltimore Wood Project, a great example of public/private partnerships to increase the reclamation & reuse of wood and urban fall throughout Baltimore. We are thrilled to be a part of this innovative and important project, through our social enterprises Brick+Board and Details Deconstruction – which are working together to help the USFS reclaim Baltimore’s urban fall and give it new life, while supporting green jobs and business growth in our city!

From the Baltimore Wood Project’s website:

Wood is an abundant, renewable resource—we should use it more. The Baltimore Wood Project brings new partners and ideas together to be smarter and more thoughtful about urban wood “waste” in the city. Rethinking Baltimore’s wood waste streams can save money, create jobs, provide green materials and beautifully reclaimed products, and help the city achieve its vision of a sustainable future.

To learn more about how the Baltimore Wood Project works, watch the great mini-doc above!