Viviena’s Artistic Tribute

In recognition of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, we proudly showcase the talents of Viviena, an outstanding artist and member of our meaningful day program for individuals with developmental disabilities.  

Utilizing her passion for creativity, traditional art and design, Viviena created the stunning banner above that celebrates diversity and brings awareness to many types of developmental disabilities. She often makes banners to adorn our building for observed days and fun events. Sometimes by herself, or with the help of her friends in the program! 

Aside from her artistry, Viviena enjoys a range of hobbies such as reading, designing clothes, and playing sports. When asked if she enjoys her time at Humanim, she simply states, “Sure do, I love everything here!” emphasizing the positive impact and nurturing environment that encourages personal growth and fulfillment within our meaningful day program. 

Viviena’s creativity, enthusiasm, and talents bring the theme of this month, “A World of Opportunities,” to life, reminding us of our collective goal – to establish a community dedicated to making the world a place where everyone can achieve success.